You can decorate a tree as MLB, college football or NFL fan with crazy ‘tree face ornament’ (photo)

I don’t know about you, but when I go driving through a neighborhood I often find myself looking at trees, wishing there was some way that those trees would tell me what NFL, MLB or NCAA team the home owner roots for.

And by golly, look what I came across today – this amazingly wonderful ‘tree face ornament’ which is weather proof and can be put on any tree in your yard to display your fandom.

Here’s the description from

You thought you were the Lions fan with everything, but we bet there’s something you’re missing. Add some Detroit spirit to your lawn with this whimsical forest face! Simply hammer some nails into the tree, place the face onto them and watch as your tree is transformed into a die-hard Lions fan! Your neighbors will definitely appreciate seeing the silly side of your team pride.

The description is from the Detroit Lions’ ‘tree face ornament’ but they have one for just about any popular college football, MLB or NFL team you can think of.

Please, please, don’t all rush out to buy one (or seventeen) at once.

Here is the Alabama Crimson Tide:

Dallas Cowboys:



Ohio State Buckeyes:



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