April 4, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; MLB commissioner Bud Selig in attendance before the opening day game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Miami Marlins at Marlins Ballpark. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

MLB commissioner Bud Selig calls Oakland Athletics stadium ‘a pit’

The Oakland Athletics are a very good organization who plays in a dump of a stadium. Everybody knows it, including MLB commissioner Bud Selig who appeared on CBS Radio recently and declared O.co ‘a pit’.

Per CBS Sports:

MLB commissioner Bud Selig dropped by the John Feinstein Show to answer some rapid-fire questions regarding various issues, starting with Oakland Coliseum, where the Athletics and Raiders play.

“It’s a pit,” Selig said. “It reminds me of old County Stadium and Shea Stadium. We need to deal with that. I’ve had a committee working on it for two or three years, and there’s no question we’re going to have to solve that problem.”

But hasn’t the committee been working on it for a long time? What’s the hold-up?

“We have, John, but I’ll tell you it’s far more complex,” Selig said. “Look, you have one team that wants to move and the other team doesn’t want them to move, and it’s a very complicated situation. Before I leave, I’m satisfied we’ll work out something.”

Oakland and Major League Baseball have been attempting to relocate the franchise to San Jose, but that just so happens to be the San Francisco Giants’ territory – a very lucrative territory that the Giants don’t want to part with.

A messy situation that only stands to get messier.

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  • BillShepp

    It’s a load of crap. The Giants were only granted territorial rights to San Jose when they were considering it for their new stadium. Once they built in San Francisco those rights should have been retracted. It’s certainly in the best interests of baseball for the A’s to have a state-of-the-art stadium in the most economically vibrant region of the country, and Selig should get off his ass and allow it to happen.

    • marsalis

      The Oakland California has a rich baseball history and the Athletics belong nowhere else but Oakland where the appeared in 6 world series and won 4 world series. The are multiple sites located in the city of Oakland that would be a perfect site for a new ballpark. The 51 acres of land at Howard terminal in Oakland is the ideal location for the Athletics new home. Bud Seligs blue ribbon team actual stated that this location is the perfect location in the city of Oakland to built the new venue. Oakland California gets a bad rep, but despite all of Oakland’s problems their is a lot of magic that takes place at the coliseum, which is why they made the movie Moneyball. The coliseum may in fact be a pit, but if you have never been, than you have never been a part of the best experience in major league baseball. The Athletics have been a part of this community long before Lew Wolff got his wealthy hands on them for a bargain and all he has done is everything he can to run this franchise into the ground so that he can rebirth the franchise in his favorite city. I work at the coliseum and every game is unbelievably fun. No ballpark rocks like the Oakland coliseum does. We Bernie lean all day and rage from the 1stinng to the 9thinng. San jose is going to lose its lawsuit against mlb, because it has no standing in a federal court. The only interest that is being harmed is the city of San Jose’s own personal interest, which is not worthy of a court room. The Athletics problem is not Oakland or the coliseum. Its the ownership group that could have built a new ballpark in Oakland by now if the were not obsessed with replacing the real baseball fans with corporate guy in suits, which Oakland does have by the way. Don Knauss is the ceo of Clorox, which is a Forbes fortune 500 company. Kaiser Parmanente is one of the largest private corporations in the bay area. There is enough corporate support right here in Oakland to sponsor the Athletics and they have made themselves known, despite the Athletics ownership attempts to completely alienate themselves from them. Lew Wolff is going to lose.