Will Ohio State wear their 'rivarly' uniform with chrome helmets against Wisconsin? (photo)

You may recall last season, for one game the Ohio State Buckeyes moved away from their traditional uniform and used a updated ‘Nike Rivalry’ uniform which, well, wasn’t that different from the normal scarlet jersey the team wears every Saturday. Still, there are a few schools who don’t often change tradition and Ohio State is one of them, so any uniform alteration is a pretty big deal.

Which is why the rumors that Ohio State will wear those ‘rivalry’ uniforms again with a chrome helmet are garnering heavy interest.

According to Andrew Holleran, the Bucks will be wearing the uniforms this weekend as they take on Wisconsin:

According to a source, Ohio State will be wearing its chrome uniform, worn vs Michigan last season, this Saturday vs. Wisconsin. .

However, Holleran later tweeted out that a spokesman informed him that the school had no plans to wear the uniform:

An OSU spokesman told me earlier that “as far as he knew” the team would be wearing its traditional home uniform. I stand by my source.

CBS Sports however learned that the rivalry jersey has been put on sale in local stores, adding fuel to the fire that OSU could be wearing the duds this weekend:

But as noted by Land-Grant Holy Land, replica editions of the Rivalry uniforms just so happened to appear for sale at local clothier The Buckeye Room Tuesday afternoon.

There’s sill no official word either way, but I do have to say, the chrome helmet does look pretty sweet:


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