Jan 5, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones (24) returns a kick against the Houston Texans during the second quarter of the AFC Wild Card playoff game at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals should sit Adam Jones this week

The Cincinnati Bengals are once again dealing with the distraction of cornerback Adam Jones being in trouble with the law. This time, Jones was cited for disorderly conduct on Monday morning after the vehicle he was a passenger in was pulled over and the driver was booked for a DUI.

Jones chose to argue with the police officer (while he was also under the influence of alcohol) to the point the cop cited him, and now he must appear in court tomorrow, two days before the Bengals play the Cleveland Browns.

Given his arrest over the summer for allegedly hitting a woman outside of a club, he needs to be sat-down for at least one game.

This will send him a message that going forward, he has to choose who he associates himself with. His latest mishap came when he was cited for disorderly conduct after he and his friend were pulled-over and the driver had been drinking and was over the legal limit.

Those are the kind of situations he needs to distance himself from. But he’s a grown man and that’s ultimately his decision to make.

He just shouldn’t be allowed to make them as an NFL player if he continues to.



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  • Brandon Hodges

    The person he was with was his wife, can’t send him a message to not associate with her…

  • Noah Yost

    So let me get this straight, our starting CB, first backup CB and SS are all likely out with hamstring injuries leaving us paper thin at corner already and you want to sit the only healthy body left to show him a lesson? Glad your not the head coach!

    In all seriousness, he is going to be our saving grace this week! I don’t condone his off field antics, but Bengals fans should LOVE him this weekend for his durability and playmaking! If not him…we don’t even have another corner on our team healthy? Ghee is hurt too. It’s just him and Newman.

  • Facts First

    Have you watched the dash cam video? The cop wanted to search their car with no warrant. When he refused – suddenly he was “disorderly”??? It’s dangerous to assume facts…