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Minnesota Vikings reportedly interested in Josh Freeman

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder is currently battling a rib injury that has limited throughout practice and his status for this weekend’s match up against the Pittsburgh Steelers in London could be in jeopardy, but there could soon be even more quarterback drama in Minnesota if the rumors come to fruition.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, the Vikings may be looking in to a potential trade with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for disgruntled quarterback Josh Freeman.

Freeman was recently benched in favor of rookie signal-caller Mike Glennon and he has said since then that he would open a trade. The only thing that would cause teams to shy away from the first-round bust is the fact that he is in the final year of his rookie deal and he could be had in the offseason without giving up much to acquire him.

However, the Vikings could potentially look to make a move if Ponder, who has yet to impress, continues to struggle with the sore ribs and if back up Matt Cassel shows the some inability to lead an offense as he has in the past.

At this point, it appears to be pure speculation, but it is certainly a move that could make sense for everyone involved.

You can watch video of La Canfora’s comments by clicking here.

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  • John Moore

    Freeman would THRIVE with the Vikings. That would be a very good fit.

    • Robert

      Haha hahahahahaha.

      • John Moore

        Freeman would be an upgrade over Ponder and Cassell I bet AD wants Freeman, Haha hahahahahaha.

    • Daniel Laxen

      Evidently not. The only reason he wants out of Tampa has been his attitude and reports of less than stellar work ethic. I’m not saying Schiano isn’t part of the problem too, but from what I’ve seen Freeman looks like he’s doing his damnedest to get himself right out of the league…The Vikings don’t need another ME guy!

      • John Moore

        No, The Tampa coach (Schiano – Mr. rush the QB while he’s in the victory formation (CLASSY!!!)) is a head case and he wants his OWN QB. Its a “I want my people” thing. Freeman is an above average QB. Tampa was never a complete team, that is a major reason Freeman regressed. As a Colts fan I remember when Manning had Mora as a coach. That famous “playoffs” rant was during a game where manning threw a bunch of picks and Mora freaked out. Once Manning had good coaching (Dungy) and a complete team (Bob Sanders and a great running game (Dom Rhodes and Joe Addai) , surprise, Manning has a ring. Freeman is just pissed, and he has every right to be. If the Vikings want to upgrade thier QB position, Freeman would be a good affordable option. Freeman is better than Cassel and Ponder by far.

        • Daniel Laxen

          Freeman is completing less than 50% of his passes with Vincent Jackson, Mike Williams, and Doug Martin catching passes…Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that a pretty formidable crew of play makers? Freeman has put himself in this situation. He could have sacrificed for the team and bit the bullet. He chose not to and now will look like the reason the Bucs are losing…He wants out of Tampa and I understand that, but his method and issues with the coach has put him in a bad light here. He’s not the answer in Minnesota, this year anyway!

      • Zack Selzman

        The Bucs keep a dirty locker room and try to weasle out of paying for the MRSA problems that causes. Freeman isn’t the only Buc who has problems with the current organization. If it was just Freeman, I’d say the reports are probably true, but the release of HIPAA protected information, on top of the MRSA issue tells me this is an organization with some serious issues that go far beyond Josh Freeman. They do not value or respect their players and they are not valued or respected by them.

    • vastreammonster

      I actually agree, because all AP needs is a competent QB, of which Ponder is not.

  • Dareion Asch

    totally agree, Freeman would be a godsend for the Vikings at this point! I really hope Cassel stinks tomorrow so this happens!

  • Young

    I had faith in Ponder, but being injury prone he’s not helping himself especially when he’s had a pick/multiple picks in each game this season. I feel like although Freeman has struggled he does not shy away from possible game changing throws which Ponder does not do. If Freeman came to the Vikings, it would be an upgrade but in our system with our current coaches he would be setting himself up for failure

  • Jeremy Scott

    The problem with Freeman in Tampa’s offense is that it is a high risk, verticle passing game. No crossing routes, no release valves, no TE’s or slot receivers to speak of. It’s just Jackson and Williams running deep go routes. Of course his completion rating dropped. He was set up for failure. On top of that, Glennon got all the pre-season snaps in preparation of this very QB change. This fan would take Freeman with open arms! Been a fan of his since K-State days. SKOL VIKINGS!