Alabama Crimson Tide mascot Big Al leads the team onto the field prior to the game against the Michigan Wolverines at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama trying to keep students at games for all four quarters

The Alabama Crimson Tide are the best team in college football and gunning for a three-peat, and their own success is likely causing some students to leave games early out of boredom. If that’s not the case, then I don’t know what is, because it’s hard to find other reasons why any fans would want to leave early when their team is elite. But evidently that’s the issue for Alabama’s football program, according to’s Matt Scalici.

Alabama is able to get 90% of the student section filled when the game starts off, but they are having issues with keeping their fans in their seats for the entirety of the ballgame. In order to help rectify this, Alabama has come up with a new slogan that they hope will catch on, “Play for 4, Stay for 4.” This saying basically states that fans should stay for all four quarters, because the players of their favorite team/school play for all four quarters. If the players don’t take a quarter off and are counted on playing throughout the whole game, then the same should be said for the fans.

This motto has been created into a fan that is passed out to students, and that’s a pretty good idea. You can view the picture below, courtesy of a tweet from Alabama journalism student and Bleacher Report writer Marc Torrence.


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