Breaking Bad: Best Walter White quotes


Breaking Bad’s wonderful run is coming to an end, it had to at some point in time and that time is this weekend. We are at a incredibly tense moment in the show and who knows what could happen next.

One of the most interesting characters to watch is the main character, Walter White. He starts off as a innocent, well-meaning chemistry teacher diagnosed with cancer. He eventually involves to a super-criminal villain trying to support his family in his “Heisenberg” alter ego.

Let’s start off with the quote that gave his alter ego the “Heisenberg” name and the best part “this is not meth.”

That evolved to him feeling full of himself and confident in his ability, here is the “stay out of my territory speech, after he runs some would-be cookers out of a store.

There is the Walter White, “I am the one who knocks” speech.

There is also the “say my name” line.

He is overly confident too and simply states “because I say so” when questioned if the magnet trick worked at the police evidence room.

And his best line might be from his stand off with his brother-in-law and DEA agent Hank. Walter tells Hank to “tread lightly.”

What were your favorite Walter White or Heisenberg quotes? Let us know in the comments below.

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