Southern California Trojans coach Lane Kiffin before the game against the Utah State Aggies at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Lane Kiffin finally fired by USC

The USC Trojans have finally made their move, as Athletic Director Pat Haden announced the firing of maligned head football coach Lane Kiffin this morning. According to USC Athletics’ official site, Haden informed Kiffin of his decision during their travel back from Tempe to Los Angeles after dropping a 62-41 result to the now 3-1 Arizona State Sun Devils.

The decision to fire Lane Kiffin was a long time coming, and the loss to a conference opponent was the last straw for Haden and USC. Kiffin had all the tools to be a championship contender last season, and USC instead fell flat and lost several key games. This season, the Trojans are 3-2, and it’s been more negative results, disappointment, and just bad coaching from Kiffin.

Although Kiffin has a way of attracting recruits, that attraction was just superficial glitz. Once the surface was peeled, recruits started to realize that Kiffin is just a sham of a head coach, because there’s no point in being convinced to attend a school whose head coach, frankly, stinks at coaching. There has been more than one recruit who has stated that they would consider committing to USC football if Kiffin were to leave, and one such player is talented four-star running back Demario Richard, who is a premier target for several Pac-12 schools.

USC has lost seven of their past 11 games, and the downward spiral in on-field results and recruiting was enough for Haden to finally pull the plug. In my opinion, the only reason why Lane Kiffin wasn’t fired this offseason is because Haden didn’t want to look bad after giving Kiffin a vote of confidence; that’s all, thankfully, out of the way now. Haden finally had enough, and it’s time for USC to move forward.

The official athletics site notes that Lane Kiffin is 28-15 with USC in his career, which is a downright awful record for a program of USC’s prestige with their resources and talent. Now, let’s just hope that USC fans won’t have to see all-time leading receiver Marqise Lee miss significant playing time after he suffered an injury yesterday.

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  • indifferent07

    He is now free to pursue a job at his beloved Tennessee….oh wait

    • Joe Soriano

      Haha, good one. I know that I’m going to hear a lot of great jokes from Tennessee fans today (or Tennessee-related jokes).

  • Tom

    When even your Dad doesn’t want to work with you, Thats a bad sign. I am glad we have Monte in Dallas (Cowboys) this year. This guy has offered USC or any college program he has been associated with absolutely nothing but bad pub and lousy play on the field

  • Marcus Gibbs

    He’s just a bad head coach , period.

    • notyourpal

      But how did he get to this point? Somewhere along the way someone had to think he was a good coach… They were horribly wrong.

    • Matt Henrick

      He’s a bad guy ! Period !

  • jmcbosox

    are you paying attention, uconn?????

    • jmcbosox

      Nailed it!

  • Darnell Couch

    He wasn’t good in the begin with anyway.

  • Matt Henrick

    Love it. I have a marginal high school team who MAY want him !

  • Keith

    His wife is kinda hot…in a porn star sort of way.

  • Gavin Smith

    I give him props for parlaying his mediocre coaching skills into MILLIONS of $. I just don’t understand why USC hired him in the first place, or Tenn for that matter.

    • Joe Soriano

      Well, he parlayed his reputation that was earned by others. First of all, his dad Monte Kiffin is obviously well-respected as a defensive mind in football circles, so that definitely has something to do with it. Secondly, he was USC’s TE coach, then WR coach, then offensive coordinator when USC had ridiculous all-around talent with the likes of Reggie Bush, Steve Smith (the younger, albeit retired one), LenDale White, Matt Leinart, and Dwayne Jarrett (among others). Their success made Kiffin look really good, so he essentially reaped the rewards of having uber-talented players that he was coaching. None of it was his doing, but this all made him look good.

      That’s the only answer I have, and most of it is just on people for making bad decisions in trusting/hiring this guy (whether it be the boneheaded decision to hire him at Oakland or the decision to bring him on and then continue to keep him at USC). I actually don’t blame Tennessee, because they were hiring a guy who looked good on paper and quickly fired him once they realized he suck. Oakland was stupid for even bringing him to the NFL with really no legit background, while USC just flat-out whiffed on this guy in multiple senses of the word “whiff”.

      • Ben O

        Tennessee didn’t fire him, he quit in the middle of the night, 10 days from signing day and wasn’t man enough to even hold a press conference or talk to his players about his decision to leave for USC. He’s a coward and a narcissist.

        • Joe Soriano

          As a Pitt fan, I wonder if Tennessee fans hate Kiffin more, or if we hate Todd Graham more?

          • Scott Bivens

            Trust me I’m a TN FAN, we tried to burn the sorry SOB house down, we hate the Baby Kif… the time he bolted our AD didn’t want to admit he screwed up so we hadn’t figured out how bad he was because we had a good program that needed tweaks from Fulmer passing by the time. But Kiffin realized he couldn’t make it in SEC & got out of Rocky Top. Had he made it another season I suspect he would been fired at end of season after his Violations came out, at best fired at season #3. The Man is a program wrecker as I’m sure USC knows, good luck Guy hope you find a good replacement. It took us years after the damage he did, we finally have & trying to rebuild now

          • Sci

            not easy rebuilding but UT won’t quit because of this jerk – go Vols!

  • Scott Bivens

    Won’t ever step foot on Rocky Top again after destroying & setting the program back 8yrs……only UT he will coach at again will be Texas. Some how the sham of a Coach will prob BS his way into that position

  • SS

    Best news I’ve heard all day. What goes around, comes around! Go Vols!

    • Sci


  • Al

    Let’s see…. Oakland ✔….Tennessee ✔….USC✔..that’s a wrap for Kiffin!! He’ll be a coordinator somewhere.