Monta Ellis DOES have it all; Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Monta Ellis still doesn't get it

Monta Ellis is a character. He once said he’s on the same level as Dwyane Wade, and that “Monta Ellis have it all.” When it comes to his actual play on the court, he can be a headache. He takes bad shots, and shoots a lot more than he should. He passes just enough to make you think he’s a decent distributor, but don’t let the numbers fool you. Now that he’s in Dallas, and he’s playing alongside Dirk, will he change his game?

So, clearly he still doesn’t get it. In order to be a positive on a team, he needs to change who he is. Ellis has a lot of talent, but he clearly has some mental makeup issues when it comes to basketball. I’m not sure what “Monta-Ball” is, but I’m not sure Rick Carlisle and Dirk are going to be playing it. This will be an interesting year for the Mavs, as they have had to settle for the guys they signed due to missing out on the big names. As for Monta Ellis, he still seems to think that he does have it all.


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