The 'Baby Bucco Bullpen' at St. Clair Hospital in Pittsburgh. Photo Credit: Twitter (@StClairHospital)

Hospital celebrates Pittsburgh Pirates by dressing newborns up as 'Baby Buccos

Everyone in the Steel City is riding the highs of the Pittsburgh Pirates win over the Cincinnati Reds in the NL Wild Card game on Tuesday night, but a hospital in Pittsburgh is taking things one step further.

St. Clair Hospital is celebrating the Pirates win by suiting up newborn babies with their own Pirates onesie and red bandannas so that they too can celebrate the Pirates postseason success. St. Clair Hospital made the announcement on Twitter and followed up with a few pictures of their “Baby Buccos.”

Are you ready to see the cuteness? If you aren’t a Reds fan or Johnny Cueto, you will probably enjoy the photos:

How awesome is that?

Pirates fans will now kick off the next round of the postseason against the St. Louis Cardinals on Thursday evening. For the fans that are enjoying the Pirates first playoff appearance in 21 years, they are hoping that Buctober will continue to be a success.

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