Major League Baseball debuts 2014 batting practice jerseys for all teams (photo)

You may recall, come Spring Training of 2013, Major League Baseball revamped their headgear and alongside New Era, introduced new hats which were worn during Spring Training and during batting practice this season.

The lids featured ‘increased breathability’ thanks to their new ‘diamond’ pattern and included technology to wick away sweat and provide 50+ UV protection.

Of course, they weren’t the traditional look nor did many feature the traditional logo but they still did well in the sales department, a trend MLB is hoping the new re-designed jersey for batting practice and Spring Training will follow.

Major League Baseball debuts new Spring Training/practice uniforms and caps on an every three year basis (though the releases are staggered) and this year, teams will get a new jersey, which for most teams, aren’t that different from what they’re used to.


As you can see, it’s a fairly basic template without too many bells and whistles. As had been expected, it matches the template used for the 2013 All-Star Game BP jerseys. (As a side note, the jersey appears to have a new version of the Majestic Athletic sleeve logo. This new logo appears throughout the catalog and will presumably be showing up on game jerseys next season as well.)

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