Sep 22, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Houston Texans safety Ed Reed (20) waves to the crowd after the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Houston Texans 30-9 at M

Houston Texans safety Ed Reed: 'The business of football is very shady.'


Now we all obviously know how physical of a sport football can be. People have been hurt and will continue to get hurt as injuries are hard to avoid in such a sport.

The league has been changing rules the last couple of seasons in order to protect players from suffering concussions and pretty much made this specific topic their main issue.

But what happens when players find out that the league hasn’t been completely honest with what they knew when it comes to their brains after suffering concussions?

Veteran safety Ed Reed is one of the most respected players in the league and hasn’t been known to bite his tongue. He recently spoke with ESPN about the NFL’s recent fumble of their own.

“The business of football is a very shady. The fact that they would withhold information is bad. The fact that our [collective bargaining agreement] would not want that information, the fact that our older players would take money instead of getting that information is bad. The business of football, NFL football, is shady. Now we can’t get that information anymore? It’s just swept under the rug? That’s bad.” Ed Reed told

The league wants to protect players but pull a stunt like this? Seems legit. I don’t blame Reed for being upset with the league.

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