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Roy Hibbert wants to play for Team USA

Roy Hibbert was passed up for the Team USA roster, so he played for Jamaica, thus ruling him ineligible to play for the US. During the 2012 Olympics, the US had injuries to Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin, making their team extremely small. Tyson Chandler was the only true center on the gold medal team, and we saw guys like Lebron James and Kevin Durant playing the five. Now, Hibbert is looking for a way to play for Mike Krzyzewski, according to

“I wanted to play in the Olympics and then they invited some other guys from my draft class to be centers,” Hibbert explained. “I thought I could have been in that group. If I had gotten invited, I wouldn’t have played for Team Jamaica. You live and you learn. If I don’t play for Team USA ever again, I’ll enjoy my summers and bulk up like I did this summer.”

Hibbert is under the impression that Team USA has to make an inquiry to FIBA, the International Basketball Federation. He then has to be let go from Team Jamaica in order to join Team USA. Simply, it’s a lot of red tape, USA Basketball has to determine whether it’s worth the effort and Jamaica has to be understanding.

“There has been some dialogue, but right now international lawyers are taking care of that to see if I can get out of my Team Jamaica thing,” Hibbert said.

Hibbert has just recently emerged as a top notch center, so he could really use his size advantage in international play. Hibbert has dominated the smaller Miami Heat in the last two playoffs, and he could see the same effect against competition that plays small as well. If he can’t make it, Hibbert says he will just use his summers to get better.

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