Breaking Bad cast drawn as Simpsons characters (Photos)

Were you wondering what the cast of Breaking Bad would look like if this was a Simpsons cartoon? Well wonder no more! Thanks to Belgian artist Adrien Noterdaem, via, we can see what the whole cast would look like if they were a bit more yellow.

Walter White

His wife Skylar

Walt Jr, or Flynn

Hank Schrader, carrying his personalized brand of beer. That was a nice touch.

Hank’s wife Marie

Here is Walter White with his partner, Jesse Pinkman, aka the Captain

Better call Saul! Here is their lawyer Saul Goodman and their connection to the big money partners they needed. His personal body guard Huell is in the back ground. I don’t like Huell’s depiction, it doesn’t look like him to me.

The guy Saul connected them to, Los Pollos Hermanos owner and drug lord Gus Fring.

Gus after being blown up

Gus’s right hand man Mike Ehrmantraut

Tuco’s uncle, Hector Salamanca

The cousins who come to New Mexico and wind up getting into a shoot out with Hank

Here is Hector ringing his bell

Ok, this isn’t a character necessarily… but it is awesome. The DEA’s snitch Tortuga got decapitated and his head was placed on a turtle, loaded with explosives.

Todd Alquist who becomes the bad guy in the fifth season.

Where are Badger and Skinny Pete? That is what I want to know!

Who was your favorite rendering? Let us know in the comments below.

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