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Can Indianapolis Colts punch Seattle Seahawks in the mouth?

One of the stunning turn of events in the NFL isn’t the fact that the Indianapolis Colts are winning. They already proved that they were a good team last year. It’s how they are winning. A smash mouth Colts team? Really?

The San Francisco 49rs saw first hand what happens when you deal with the Colts as they got beat down 27-7 in their own house. The Seattle Seahawks have had their notorious issues on the road and if they are not careful, they will get punched in the mouth too.

Over the years, the Colts have been known for being a finesse football team with their explosive offense featuring Peyton Manning. But Colts’ head coach Chuck Pagano has installed a physicality to this team which he brought over from his time with the Baltimore Ravens when he was hired by the Colts last year. Pagano saw two teams in the Super Bowl last season with the Ravens and the 49rs which put a spotlight on the NFL that physicality still exists. It certainly reinforced Pagano’s stance I’m sure.

The Colts at this point in time are certainly capable of going into a boxing match with the best of them in the trenches. Win lose or draw, I expect the Colts to do the same against the Seahawks.

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