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Dallas Cowboys defense is key to win over Denver Broncos

A lot of people ask, “Can the Denver Broncos’ offense be stopped?” Yes it can. A lot of players on the Dallas Cowboys’ defense have been sick and tired of hearing about Peyton Manning and Broncos. Well, if they don’t pressure Manning like they should, they will be hearing a lot more about Manning after the game.

This is what I think the Cowboys’ defense must do if they want to be successful against the Broncos in week 5. The Cowboys’ defense must be physical in any way possible. It doesn’t matter if it is a hard hit or jamming the wide receivers at the line of scrimmage. They cannot allow the Broncos’ receivers to get a free release.

The NFL has already made it easier for elite quarterbacks like Manning to carve up defenses. Why as a defense would you make it easier for his wide receivers and tight ends to set up their routes without even being touched? That is the mistake the previous four defenses on the Broncos’ schedule have made which cost them.

If I’m the Cowboys, I’m going to go into the game trying to take away Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker and play six in the box to dare the Broncos to run. Try and make Eric Decker burn the secondary and Broncos’ tight end Julius Thomas do the same. Decker for example is a good receiver. But at the same time, he isn’t a top 10 or even top 15 wide receiver in the NFL and  it seems like he gets a free release all the time off the snap of the ball. That is way too much respect in my opinion. Defenders have to make him fight even if it is with one-on-one coverage.

The Broncos’ offense is so explosive that penalties can actually help. Playing within the framework of how the NFL wants defenses to play will not work against this offense. If a hit needs to be made across the middle against a Broncos’ receiver then it must be done.

I have always said this: Manning’s offense is always about timing. That is no secret and many understand that as well. Putting a hit on the Broncos’ receivers may have them think twice about running their route which can make the difference over the course of the game.

The league can never take away intimidation. The Cowboys have the talent to do it.

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