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Houston Texans need Matt Schaub to step up

A lot has been made over the last three weeks with Houston Texans’ quarterback Matt Schaub throwing an interception which ended up going for a touchdown in the last three games.

We have seen Texans’ fans burn Schaub jerseys and many within the media question if Schaub is good enough to be the guy to lead the Texans where they want to go. Schaub is good enough. Is Schaub elite? He’s not close to elite. But he also isn’t close to being a bench warmer.

Some people are just spoiled. If your name isn’t Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees a lot of people will talk trash about the other quarterbacks around the league like they are not worth anything. Look at Joe Flacco for example. A lot of people have said he is a below average quarterback despite being a Super Bowl MVP. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do as quarterback because a lot of people have made up their minds.

Schaub is perfect for what the Texans want to do on offense. They want to run the ball with their zone-blocking scheme, they want to use play-action and they want their defense to take care of the rest. It is the perfect recipe in the postseason to go for a Super Bowl run. Does Schaub have the biggest arm? No. Does he have speed? No. But he is efficient and with the offensive weapons Schaub has at his disposal with Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, DeAndre Hopkins and Owen Daniels it is too soon write off the Texans.

It isn’t how you start, it is all about how you finish. At this time last year, a lot of people thought the  Texans were dominant as they started the season off 11-1. How did things turn out for the Texans last year? My point exactly.There can be only one champion at the end of the day in the NFL and there will be 31 losers left out in the cold. Schaub is good enough to have the Texans as the last team standing.

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