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Justin Tuck takes a cheap shot on Michael Vick (GIF)

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has left the game against the New York Giants, after a run he came up limping with a hamstring injury. Before he left the game though, Giants defensive lineman Justin Tuck took a cheap shot on Vick.

[UPDATE]: For those confused, it wasn’t immediately before he left the game. Michael Vick did not leave the game following this play.

After Vick had thrown a pass he was standing there waiting to see if his receiver caught his pass. With his eyes on the play he didn’t see Justin Tuck coming up behind him. Tuck clearly sees Vick in front of him and runs on to the screen on his own, not appearing to be shoved.

Tuck takes a couple of steps and then kind of jumps into Vick bringing his knee up. It causes Vick to fly to the ground, though that looks like it could’ve been a bit embellished.

[h/t] Deadspin

Vick’s return is questionable.

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