WWE BattleGround Results: CM Punk vs Ryback

Next up is the co-main event (as well it should be) which puts The Best In The World up against the newest Paul Heyman guy, Ryback.

First man to enter the arena is Ryback followed by Chicago, Illinois’s own CM Punk.

Both men finally enter the ring and the bell sounds. Punk throws his t-shirt to the crowd and circles the ring, looking at his opponent. Both men lock up and Ryback overpowers him into the corner.

This match has started off strong, both men exchanging control of the match up. Ryback tosses Punk off of the top rope and throws him sliding side first into the ring post.

He slides out, grabs the arms and legs of Punk and bends him in half around the post. Ryback pulls Punk into the middle of the ring and locks in a headlock. Heyman looks very pleased from ringside as he stars at Punk who lays in agony. The crowd tries to get behind Punk as he fights to his feet.

Punk delivers three right hands to the ribs of Ryback but gets caught up in an overhead belly to belly suplex. Ryback follows it up with a leg drop and covers Punk for a two count.

Ryback continues to overpower the smaller opponent as he delivers elbows and kicks to his beat up body. Punk fights back for a split second, delivering kicks to the legs of Ryback who backs up into the ropes. Punk rushes towards him and catches a clothesline.

Ryback continues to toy with Punk after hammering him with forearms to the chest while he laid on the apron.  Heyman screams “I want you to hurt him all night long” or something like that at Punk. Which is sorta weird.

As Ryback locks in a submission maneuver, he wraps his legs around Punks waist as Heyman continues to praise Ryback. Punk swings his hims and rolls facing Ryback and delivers at least 10 elbows to the face of his opponent.

Punk gains momentum as he delivers his signature spinning back kick to the midsection, calf kick off the irish and swinging neck breaker. Heyman takes Punk’s attention off Ryback by grabbing a microphone and announcing that He is the best in the world.

Punk turns back to Ryback and gets caught with a clothesline. Ryback scoops up Punk and delivers a hard powerbomb which only gives him a two count. Ryback goes to hit another power bomb on his opponent but catches another kick to the head.

Ryback lays in the middle of the ring after the attack. CM Punk stands at the top turnbuckle, points to the sky and launches himself through the air. He lands the elbow right in the middle of Rybacks chest and covers him for a two count.

The crowd begins to chant CM Punk as he delivers a knee lift to the jaw of Ryback. He backs up and heads in again connecting with a second. Heyman pleads with Punk and counters a power bomb with a hurricanrana.

Punk goes to hit the Go To Sleep but Ryback reverses and hits a pump handle slam. Ryback regains control of the match as Heyman reaches for a kendo stick. The ref turns around and sees Heyman with the stick and gets distracted.

With the ref distracted, Punk hits a low blow on Ryback, pins him and picks up the victory.


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