WWE BattleGround Results: The Rhodes vs The Shield


Finally one of the biggest matches on the card is finally about to begin!

At stake is the future of the Rhodes family with the WWE, while The Shield have really nothing to lose.

First team to the ring is the Corporate muscle, The Shield who will be accompanied by the United States Champion Dean Ambrose.

And then, the crowd erupts as Cody Rhodes and his brother Dustin aka Goldust make their ways to the ring. Both brothers are lead by their father Dusty, who’s theme song was the choice for both brothers.

First two guys in the ring is Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes. Rhodes immediately kicks things off by delivering a back body drop to Rollins then a drop kick to Roman. All three members get together and decide to make their ways to their Father. Both brothers stand by their fathers side and all three men start to toe up.

Cody begins screaming at the Shield and they backoff. Goldust slides into the ring and calls out Reigns. Reigns slides into the ring and both men start going at it blow for blow. Goldust makes the tag to his brother Cody but takes a high knee lift by Roman.

He makes the tag to his partner Seth who stomps Cody into the mat and buries his boot into his throat. Cody begins stomping Rollins into the corner after picking up control of the match.

Rollins makes a take to Roman who hits a strong shoulder block to the younger Rhodes brother. He picks up a one count and tags Rollins back in who climbs to the turnbuckle. He delivers a fist that hits Rhodes square in the forehead.

The Shield begins picking apart Cody as Rollins delivers a neckbreaker. Cody begins to fight back as he knocks Reigns off the apron with a vicious elbow, but gets stopped in his tracks by Rollins who hangs him upside down in the corner.

Cody climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits a moonsault that takes out Rollins. A hot tag occurs as Goldust hits the ring, delivers a hard clothesline to Reigns. After a cross body block from the top rope, Reigns ducks under a diving Goldust who sends himself out of the ring.

Goldust barley beats a 10 count as he was thrown back first into the barricade by Rollins. Rollins picks up steam as he backs him into his own corner, tagging in Reigns.

Reigns shows off his strength against Goldust by delivering a set of powerful moves which leads to him tagging in Rollins. The Shield clearly has the upper hand on these two brothers who are fighting for their jobs.

Goldust tags in Cody who hits a spring board drop kick on Rollins, takes out Reigns and explodes once again on Rollins. He sets Rollins up, spins him around and hits an Alabama Slam. Rhodes pins Rollins after knocking Reigns out of the ring but he kicks out at the last second!

Rhodes is on fire and completely pumped. He rushes Rollins but catches an elbow to the jaw. Rhodes his the disaster kick on Reigns and takes out Ambrose who tried to get involved in the match up. Dusty throws his hat in the face of Ambrose and delivers the Bionic Elbow to Ambrose and this crowd has lost their minds!

Rhodes hits the Cross-Roads on Rollins and picks up the victory!

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Goldust

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