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Blaming Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo for loss vs Denver Broncos is a joke

The Dallas Cowboys put on a show in front of their home crowd for the rest of America to see Sunday afternoon. Tony Romo threw for 506 yards, five touchdowns and, yes, that one interception, as the Cowboys lost to the Denver Broncos, 51-48. Many people are ready to target Romo for the loss against the Cowboys. Blaming Romo for the loss, however, is a joke.

Look, I know it is fun sometimes to laugh at some of the miscues the Cowboys have had in recent years because they can never seem to get out of their own way. But Romo was the least of the Cowboys concern. When will the blame go to the Cowboys’ defense which allowed all of those 51 points by not even forcing a punt. I don’t care if it was Peyton Manning the Cowboys’ defense went up against that is pathetic.

All that talk during the week about how Cowboys’ defenders were tired of hearing about Manning. Oh, if they thought it was bad then, they are experiencing a lot worse now.

Did Romo’s interception decide the game? Yes it did. But the defense takes the cake for the major reason why they lost. It doesn’t look smart to call out Romo. Anyone who puts all the blame on Romo is just a pure hater.

I’m no Cowboys’ fan by any stretch of the imagination, but common sense should play a role at some point right? In this case, yes it should.

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