Broncos favored by 28 points against Jags


My money is on the Broncos.

According to ESPN, the Week 6 opening lines, posted by the  Las Vegas, has the Peyton Manning-lead Denver Broncos favored over the Jacksonville Jaguars by an astonishing 28 points.

While this doesn’t seem strange, the NFL’s best team so heavily favored against the NFL’s worst, it actually is another record to add to Peyton Manning’s long list of accomplishments.

According to the sports betting publication The Gold Sheet, the minus-28 spread ties the highest spread of all time, which was set in 1966 by the then Baltimore Colts against the then expansion team Atlanta Falcons. It is also the highest spread since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger.

According to Jay Kornegay, who runs sports book for the Los Vegas Hotel, per ESPN:

The Jaguars are just so awful and the interest in betting on the Broncos has been pretty consistent. There’s a group of us here who put together the lines for each week and it took us 10-15 minutes to debate what this number would be. Some folks didn’t feel that good about making history with this.

Considering the Broncos are scoring 46-points a game and winning by an average of 18points this season, while the Jags are barely putting 10 points a game,  it’s almost more surprising the Broncos aren’t favored by more.


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