Apr 8, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Louisville Cardinals cheerleaders hold up signs for injured player Kevin Ware (not pictured) during a free throw against the Michigan Wolverines during the second half of the championship game in the 2013 NCAA mens Final Four at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville Cardinals bench warmer Kevin Ware medically cleared

I am not saying whether you should or you shouldn’t care. I’m just saying it isn’t really important. However, America’s favorite bench warmer, Kevin Ware, will be cleared to go all-out in practice by the end of the month according to Rick Pitino.

Ware, who famously injured himself during Louisville’s title run last season, has become a darling among casual college basketball fans. This is mostly because of the gruesome injury Ware suffered and has to do a little with, well, I am not entirely sure.

Before being injured, Ware saw minimal action for the Cardinals. In fact, he averaged less than 17 minutes per game last year and does not project to be a vital member of the team’s rotation this season. But because America loves itself some comeback stories, Ware is an endearing player who the country will cheer on despite his limitations as a player.

If everything goes according to plan, Pitino claims that Ware will be able to fully participate in practices by the end of the month and will certainly be ready to play at the start of the season. Whether or not Pitino will actually want to play him will be another question for another day, however.

Sorry, America. He’s just not that good.


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  • jbszeus

    You’re clueless. Before he got injured, Ware was integral to our post-season run last season. Next time you sit down to write, go over to fiverr and hire someone for 5 bucks to do some basic research. You’ll save yourself the embarrassment of looking ignorant about the subject matter.

  • DC

    Tomorrows headline:
    Clueless Idiot Writes Article on Kevin Ware

  • ChristIsKing212

    UK fans are sooooooooooo dumb.

  • ryoder

    You might consider watching some actual games before writing stories on same. Kevin played an important relief spot, coming in to make some key plays when needed.He struggled early in the season, but was critical to the post-season run by Louisville. He also had the best 3 point average on the team, at .405.

  • Joseph Nardone

    Man, you guys sure love a dude who scored less than 5 ppg last year, who has a career high of 11 and was at best the SEVENTH most important player on the Cards. But hey, you guys kinda missed the actual point in the post while you were all too busy being all butthurt b/c someone criticized your favorite team. Also, outside of Colorado State (in a spurt) and Oregon, how integral was he really? So he played good defense against ‘Cuse in the BE Tourney for a few minutes? That makes up for a year’s worth of below average play? The point of the post is the coverage of a backup guard whose team didn’t need him to win a National Title. Again, sad I had to point this out, but I can only assume you guys are all rubbing ointment on each other. You know, butthurt and all. Now excuse me, some people think I need to go watch me more basketball involving guys who averaged 16.7 mpg last season.

    • ChristIsKing212

      Hmm. It’s fairly obvious that you’re a little troll who doesn’t know much about basketball if that’s really you’re opinion. Anyways……. enjoy a Cardinal repeat next year ;-)

    • Adonis

      Kevin was an important part of Louisville’s draining press. His athleticism, length and motor provided the extra body needed to tire Louisville’s opponents while Peyton and Russ were resting. The box score cannot capture that part of his game. Fortunately, Louisville’s guards were strong enough to survive Ware’s absence. Had he been available for the final two games, Louisville’s press would have taken out its opponents legs earlier while Peyton and Russ would have had more energy, which would have allowed Louisville to pull away from Wichita and Michigan earlier in the game. As you pointed out, Ware’s offensive presence was starting to build before his tragic injury. Russ had a similar, albeit more pronounced, debut toward the end of his sophomore year as well.

    • Jonathan Childress

      It’s not about how much one player can score per game and what his career high was or where he was in the Cardinal lineup last year. And he WOULD HAVE BEEN an integral part in playing against Duke, and Wichita State, and then Michigan, but as you well know he snapped his leg bone something terrible. A player doesn’t need to be in the game for the whole thing and score all the points to be considered a good player. There was talent galore in Louisville’s lineup last year. Rick Pitino could have swapped his second and first strings interchangeably and not lost any talent on the court. And yes, his team DID NEED him to win that National Championship. That unfortunate accident gave Louisville the catalyst to revamp and refocus themselves to push through Duke, Wichita State, and Michigan and make a dream for this player happen in his hometown. Every player is valuable to every team, no matter what the front of the jersey happens to say. And I don’t know who your allegiances lie with as far as NCAA Basketball teams go, but I guarantee that Kevin Ware and the Louisville Cardinals have 100 times more heart than any team you’re watching, dude.
      Take UK for example last year, they relied on one guy essentially and when he went down for the rest of the season, they wound up not even making the tournament, and then on top of that LOSING in the first round as the top seed of the NIT. And you know why they lost? Bc they didn’t play with heart. It was obvious that they didn’t want to be there and they were being little whiny babies about it, and it showed in their attitudes on the court.
      But anyways back to being what you call, “butthurt”.
      In the end, Louisville won the National Championship last year and Kevin Ware WAS and ALWAYS WILL BE an integral part of that team, no matter how many minutes he played or points he scored. EVERY SINGLE PLAYER ON THAT TEAM HAD A PART IN WINNING THAT CHAMPIONSHIP.

  • GuestWho

    “I’m just saying it isn’t really important.”

    That says it all for this article and the author.
    17 minutes a game is a benchwarmer?
    Sounds like a valuable sixth man to me.

  • Jason

    Benchwarmer? Lol. You do realize that 17 minutes a game is almost half the game right?

  • tim

    National Championship.

  • tkdcoach

    Who the hell are you anyway? I’ve heard of Kevin Ware, you, not so much.