Fans harass Houston Texans QB Matt Schaub at his home



The Houston Texans, and QB Matt Schaub in particular, have certainly not gotten off to the start in 2013 that they had hoped for. A favorite among many once again in the preseason, the team is just 2-3 overall and Schaub personally is struggling. How bad is he struggling? Well, he’s thrown a pick-six in four consecutive games, which is an unwanted NFL record.

Fans of the Texans are undoubtedly not happy with the team’s performance and expected much better than what they’ve been getting. You’d expect them to be upset.

But, there’s just certain lines that shouldn’t be crossed, and recently some Texans faithful did just that.

According to CBS Houston, police were recently called to the home of the embattled Texans quarterback after some fans showed up at his house and began rudely voicing their displeasure toward him. The report even goes on to state that the fans took pictures of Schaub’s family and posted them on Facebook.

Thankfully, those fans (and I’m using this term about as loosely as I possibly can) left before police arrived at the home, and Schaub nor anyone in his family were hurt.

Again, there are some lines that you should never cross as a fan, and this incident not only crossed that line, it shredded it.


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