Fantasy Football 2013: Top 10 Week 6 Waiver Wire pickups

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Oct 6, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers running back Danny Woodhead (39) returns a kick against the Oakland Raiders during the first quarter at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL and fantasy football weeks have reached the sixth week of the 2013 season. In the NFL, two of five unbeaten teams went down leaving the Broncos, Saints, and Chiefs as the only teams without a loss. Hopefully, your fantasy team is faring as well due to your expert “coaching” like Andy Reid and Sean Payton.

Whether your teams off to that hot of a start or your team looks more like last year’s Andy Reid-led Eagles, there is still time to get your team into the playoffs if you get things turned around quickly. To do that, one key ingredient you’ll need is waiver wire finds.

Each Tuesday right here on, you can find our top 10 waiver wire pickups for the coming week. Each week, I include at least one quarterback, running back, wide receiver, and tight end as well as a team defense with a favorable matchup in case your streaming defenses or looking for a one-week fill in. Throughout the rest of the week, keep coming back to Fansided’s fantasy page where you’ll find continuing coverage and analysis to help you get the win you need in week 6

All players on the list or in the “best of the rest” are available in at least 50% of ESPN leagues as of Monday and their ownership percentages are included in parentheses. That means that some of the players on the list in the past (last week’s post available here) like Danny Woodhead, Alshon Jeffery, Jordan Cameron, Julius Thomas, Kenbrell Thompkins, Bilal Powell, and Julian Edelman are no longer eligible to appear even though they still make good pickups if they’re available.

If you’re not sure about your waiver claim and want some personalized advice, feel free to ask me on twitter @ZT_Sports or include the question in a comment at the bottom of the page. I’ll do my best to answer all your questions as quickly as possible.

All scoring references are from’s default scoring which simply is used to give a common baseline to work from. Adjust appropriately your team and league scoring system.

Here’s my top ten additions headed into week 6.

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  • John

    Sorry I have several questions
    Who is the better running back to hold on to for later in the season Helu Jr. Washington RB or Ben Tate Houston RB?

    I had Michael Vick and Matt Ryan for QB so I have to pick up a new one at least for one week. I was thinking either Cutler or Pryor who do you think for this week and rest of season?

    I keep having a tough time deciding between Vernon Davis and Jordan Cameron for TE. I have been starting Cameron of late but am still a big fan of Vernon. Who should be my go to starter or is that a match up play?

    I am in an 8 man league and someone offered me a trade Chris Johnson for Vernon Davis do I take it? I do have Jordan Cameron so I should be OK for TE besides bi week or injury. But Chris Johnson isn’t rushing very well and has yet to rush for a TD. I am short running backs though because I have Ridley and Maurice Jones Drew who have both been semi busts. My RB1 is Doug Martin so he is back from bye week and should be good to go.

    Lastly having a tough time choosing my flex. My wide receivers are Cobb, Cruz, Jordy Nelson, and J. Gordan. My running backs have been weak and though I like to start a running backs in the flew I feel I have more talented wide outs. Who do I start?

    • Fantasy CPR

      hey John,

      thanks for reading. hopefully I can answer your many questions quickly and so that you can win this week. I’ll go in order as much as I can…..

      1-Tate. your kinda playing a “who is most likely to get injured?” game, but Tate carries more value since they are still splitting carries a bit and he’s shown he can excel when given he chance.

      2-I’m a big Pryor fan as I’ve stated in multiple places on this site. He’s not going to go off like Cutler possibly can, but he’s lower risk since he adds rushing yards.

      3-Matchup play especially with Brandon Weeden back under center. Davis is the ‘niners big time receiver right now, so I’d lean toward him for this week as he takes on Arizona. Cameron has been excellent all season, so hold onto him for sure to see if he can be as successful with Weeden.

      4-I wouldn’t do that trade. If you want to trade Davis or Cameron, you should be able to get more for them that that.

      5- If your league is PPR, your receivers are a must start in the flex spot. Based on what you listed for running back further up, I’d start a receiver even non-ppr. If it’s two WR and a flex, I’d lock in Cobb and Cruz and rotate Nelson-Gordan based on matchup. If it’s three WR and a flex, get all four started…

      hope that helps and good luck this week and ROS,


  • Beth

    Joique Bell against Cleveland, Hakeem Knicks against Chicago, James Jones against Baltimore, or Cecil Shorts against Denver? (For flex) it seems none have produced when needed.

    Also, Is it time to bench Brady? I’ve had faith in him, but he’s been a disappointment. Would it be smart to play Cutler over Brady this week?

    • Fantasy CPR

      If those were my options, I’d start James Jones against Baltimore, but I also realize he’s streaky.

      The Brady question is a tough one. I’m saying not to play Cutler over him because the Bears have struggled and play on Thursday Night which hasn’t been kind to offenses this season. It’s getting close to time to make that move, though. Also, Gronk expected back this week which will help immensely.


  • David

    Im stuck in a huge dilemma here. I have a 3-way tie for 1 spot.
    Should I start:
    Torrey Smith
    Hakeem Nicks
    or Robert Woods?

    Also at my 2 RB positions im in a bit of a dilemma as well… Out of:
    Eddie Lacy
    Doug Martin
    Andre Ellington
    Who would you start?

    • Fantasy CPR

      2 RB’s are easy. Lacy and Martin. Ellington is still limited, so I’d stay away. For the 3-way tie for one spot-I like Smith the most this week since Nicks has only really had one good game (inconsistent) and Woods has to play with a new QB this week.

      • David

        Thanks so much!

  • Beth

    Someone wants to trade Garcon and Woodhead for Marshall… Good or bad trade!?

    • Fantasy CPR

      I’d lean towards the Garcon/Woodhead side depending on the depth at RB on the team receiving that side. Marshall doesn’t look right although he’ll probably have a monster week against the Giants

  • Guest

    Would you start Willis McGahee or Doug Martin at RB? At WR, would you start Alshon Jeffery or Justin Blackmon? Also, considering the RB and WR you decided against which would you play in the flex position?

    • Fantasy CPR

      hey Guest…. thanks for reading! I would start Doug Martin and use Jeffery and Blackmon at WR and flex. If it’s PPR it’s a no-brainer to go with WR, but even if not I think I’d use those two receivers both of who I’ve very high on this week.

  • jhon


    i have St. Louis as my only defense team.. but im in search of a better or a second defense team.
    my options are: Arizona, Dallas, New Orleans or Green Bay!
    any suggestions?

    • Fantasy CPR

      Of those four, I think it’s pretty easy to eliminate Dallas and Green Bay who give up points by the bucket-full. Arizona and New Orleans are both intriguing options. The Cardinals are probably the better play this week, and then the Saints are on a bye. If you’re looking long-term for the season, I like the Saints a bit more, but if you need anything from this option in the next two weeks, I’d go with Arizona whose D is seriously underrated.

  • Dave

    Quick question, In a ppr league should I go with Marques Colston or Anquan Boldon?

    • Fantasy CPR

      Quick answer, I’d go Boldin only because the Saints have so many weapons and the Niners have so few… GL


      • Dave