Oct 6, 2013; Dublin, OH, USA; A view of the Presidents Cup trophy during the fourth round of the at Muirfield Village Golf Club. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Our interview with Presidents Cup streaker Kimberly Webster

What appeared to be another boring ol’ Presidents Cup dominated by the U.S. was livened up on Sunday when Kimberly Webster, age 23, decided to streak down one of the fairways at Muirfield Village Golf Club.

When we spoke with Webster today about her now-famous run on the links, she said the prank was planned the night before. That evening she called a buddy of hers back in Massachusetts — Webster is from Boston and is a die-hard fan of the Bruins, Red Sox, and Patriots — and asked about possible legal ramifications. Her friend, a police officer, advised her to be sober for the stunt — “Not hard,” said Webster, “since I was working for the catering company at the event” — and he even offered to pay any fines she incurred.

When asked to assess her performance, Webster gave herself a modest B, saying she wished she’d been able to go the whole length of the fairway. “I wish I made it all the way to the green,” she said, “so I’m rooting for the next person to just go all the way.”

Webster’s run made her an instant celebrity — she started a Twitter account not even knowing how to use the platform and had over 1,500 followers within 48 hours — but not all the response has been positive. Webster said her mom was furious when she called them from the police station. “I wanted them to know from me, not from the media,” she said. However, she thinks the anger is simply from the shock: “My parents know I’m not putting myself in a crazy amount of danger.” On the other hand, her grandmother, with whom Webster lives, thought the whole thing was funny. “I had my toga on when I walked in the house,” Webster said, “and I told her, ‘Grandma, I streaked at the Presidents Cup today,’ and she laughed.”

As for the negative online comments, of which there have been more than a handful, Webster said she tries not to read them. “I’ve got people saying they’re going to go to my grandma and tell her I’m on drugs, that I need counseling. It’s ridiculous. It was just a practical joke; it was meant to be funny,” she said, adding that all the people making disparaging remarks about her weight should know that she’s lactose intolerant and gluten free. “That’s where all the carbs are,” she joked.

As for that rarity of female streakers, Webster said she hopes her run will rectify the imbalance: “When I was looking up ‘Top Streakers’ and ‘Top Streakers of All-Time,’ they all seemed to be men. So I was like ‘let’s try to change this!'”

When asked where she’d like to streak next (hypothetically, of course), Webster said she’d go for an even bigger international event: the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. “But I’d be in jail forever and freezing my butt off,” she said, “so maybe instead something in summer. Then I could get a tan while running.”

Webster is hoping to secure a job where she can travel, having had a blast on the road trip she took this summer from Boston to Los Angeles. She loved experiencing the different subcultures throughout the United States — though she found West Coasters to be very nice, she still has a soft spot in her heart for the “tell you exactly what they think” attitude of Bostonians — saying that such variety is what makes America great. Yep, I’d say this New England fan is a true patriot (ba-dum-cha!).

Those looking to learn more about Webster should follower he on Twitter @PresCupStreaker. We salute Webster for her courage and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors both on and off the golf course.

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