Oct 6, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (6) throws against the New Orleans Saints during the second of their game at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Cutler talked to Brandon Marshall about his frustration

Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall voiced his frustrations after their second loss in a row. In the first three games his production was higher and during this skid he has seen less passes come his way and Alshon Jeffery emerge.

“I talked to him today, and he’s in a great place,” Cutler said on ESPN 1000′s “Jay Cutler Show,” via ESPN. “I’m excited for [Marshall] and what the future holds for him. He is frustrated. … I’m frustrated. … I think everyone is frustrated when you lose two games in a row like that. That being said, I’ve known him for a long time and know what kind of ultra-competitor that he is, and when you lose a game, any competitor will think, ‘Hey, what if I’d done more and what if I had more touches? Could I have impacted the game more than I already did?’ I just think he’s kind of feeling that.

“Other than that, he’s been great and is going to continue to be great for us. He knows at the end of the day because he’s a very smart guy that those other guys are getting catches because he is on the field. He’s attracting a lot of attention out there. The way I see it, if those other guys keep making catches, they are going to have to come off Brandon and help on some of these other guys. That will lead to more one-on-ones.”

Cutler is right, Alshon Jeffery’s performance over the past two weeks can only help Marshall, like Marshall has helped Jeffery. Marshall demanded attention that free Jeffery up and now that Jeffery has shown in two games that he can do some damage, teams can’t focus solely on Marshall anymore.

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