WWE’s John Cena wouldn’t want Tony Romo on his team (Video)

Tony Romo can’t catch a break. The guy threw for 506 yards and 5 touchdowns and everyone is focusing solely on the interception. It played a crucial role in the Cowboys loss to the Denver Broncos, sure. It also isn’t the only reason the Cowboys lost. How about the defense giving up 48 points in the game before that interception?

Nevertheless, the people at ESPN were excited when they saw that pick because it gave them 50% of their content for the next week. For instance, WWE Superstar John Cena was on SportsNation and they asked him if he’d want Tony Romo on his team.

“Age old question, star versus champion. I want a champion,” Cena says. “Tony Romo hasn’t been able to prove himself in big game environments.”

“If I’m an owner, I want championships. Tony Romo has yet to produce, if it was my pick, I’d have to pass.”

Strong and direct words from Cena. He is only saying what most of America is thinking though. Hasn’t he heard Jerry Jones explain that it was a moral victory?

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  • jayhwk01

    Funny from a guy whose “championships” are the result of carefully scripted matches and winners are picked by popularity poles and TV ratings.

    • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

      You are right but ESPN will stoop as low as they can in order to justify criticizing Romo. The fact they publicly bash Romo is only a sign of their own weaknesses. People who don’t think much of themselves feel better when they criticize others.

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    Mike, please send me the poll results that you base your statement on that most of America is thinking the same way as Cena. Oh, I’m sorry, there was no poll? Then how did you conclude most of America is thinking the same way as Cena? Apparently you are another Romo basher who is doing so in order to have something to write about. It certainly wasn’t because Romo didn’t play well. By the way, I am a Giants fan.

    • Mike Dyce

      I have Twitter, I read social media posts. He consistently falls on the ‘not elite’ side of the debate and is consistently the butt of jokes. I also live in Dallas and hear the debate on a regular basis. For the record, I’m not a Romo basher. I am a life long Cowboys fan and I own three Tony Romo jerseys.

      • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

        Thanks for the reply as I now fully convinced that most of America thinks the same way as Cena which you state is based solely on your own observations. I suggest you hang one of your Tony Romo jerseys in front of you when you write so you will be reminded that you are a cowboy fan and should refrain from including anything negative in your articles about Romo. It only adds fuel to the Romo bashing fire.

        • Mike Dyce

          Prove me wrong. I can’t not write negative things about the Cowboys cause I like them, that is crazy and stupid. My goal is to not show favoritism, not suck up to teams I like. It is hardly Romo bashing, why don’t you direct your ire towards the man who made the comments, John Cena. He says nothing, there is no story/post right?

          • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

            Thanks for the reply. You wrote the article so the proof is on you. I apparently did not completely understand your article. I thought you were the one who wrote “That’s what most of America is thinking” and I guess I took that as a negative statement. I will read your articles a little closer next time so not to take negative quotes from another person that you confirm as being true the wrong way. Good luck with your future articles.

  • Jason Smith

    What the heck does john cena know about winning championships? All the championship belts he got in his day are rigged and scripted and are from fake wrestling. His gimmick is also stale, he can’t wrestle, and only has about 5 moves. Who is he to bash others?