You can now buy a custom Cincinnati Bengals dental chair (Photos)

Going to the dentist is one of those irritating life necessities. You don’t want to – but you need to.

Thankfully, there’s a dentist/artist in the Cincinnati area who apparently wants (or, at least wanted to) make the experience less painful, especially if you were an NFL fan with this custom Cincinnati Bengals dental chair.

The chair is now currently available on eBay (because, that’s where everything odd and strange is sold) for a small investment of $3,000 dollars.

While the price might seem a bit drastic at first, according to the seller, everything was hand painted on the chair – there are no decals.

Per the eBay listing:

  • Plastics and metal components have been painted with PPG single stage polyurethane paint
  • Orange metallic and black are used to show the pride of the Bengals
  • The black stripes are not decals, they are hand pin striped out and sprayed over orange base
  • Arm rest and release buttons were disassembled and painted as well for a full theme affect
  • BRAND NEW Naugahyde upholstery

Despite all those lovely attributes, that wasn’t even the coolest part. The seller states that fiber optics can be installed (whut!) so in addition to getting your teeth cleaned in a wicked Bengals chair, you can have a light show going on.



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