Mike Shanahan says Tony Romo can get rid of tag like John Elway did

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has been the target of a lot criticism in his career and lately. He has a reputation of being unable to win the big game, that he falls apart in crunch time. Some even said that the Cowboys loss to the Denver Broncos summed up Tony Romo’s career.

Romo threw for 506 yards and 5 touchdowns, one of the best performances by a Dallas Cowboys quarterback in history, and then throws an interception with the game on the line.

Fans could end up remembering Romo for his miscues and not his talent and abilities, but Jerry says a Super Bowl win will fix all that.

“They will until he wins the Super Bowl,” Cowboys owner and Jerry Jones said. “The guy standing over on the other sideline or up in the box, John Elway, had those things said about him his entire career.”

The Cowboys face the Washington Redskins this week, and their coach knows a bit about John Elway and Super Bowl wins. Despite this being a rivalry game, Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan supported Jones comments about Romo and Elway.

“I think the people that see Tony practice every day and the teammates know what he can do. But you do it as a team,” Shanahan said, via ESPN Dallas. “Everybody’s got to do it together. I know when I was with John going into the 15th, 16th year, you had the same people saying that he couldn’t do it throughout his whole career and then when he does it, everybody’s, ‘Ah, well, we knew he could do it.’ It’s the same old thing. You’ve just got to fight through it. You can’t listen to the critics and you’ve got to believe in yourself. And I’m sure that’s what Tony’s doing.”

When Elway finally won the Super Bowl he was 37 years old.

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