Monte Kiffin says Cowboys loss to Broncos on him, not Tony Romo

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The Dallas Cowboys lost to the Denver Broncos 51-48 on Sunday in an straight up shoot out. Most of the blame has fallen on the shoulders of Tony Romo. With the ball in his hands in a tie game with less than three minutes left on the clock, Romo threw the ball into the arms of a Broncos player.

That interception gave the Broncos the ball with in striking distance and they simply had to run out the clock and kick a field goal. Some of Romo’s defenders have pointed out that the interception wouldn’t have been relevant if the defense hadn’t given up 48 points

Cowboys defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin agrees and says he is responsible for the loss, not Romo.

Former Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach supported Romo, who threw for 506 yards and 5 touchdowns, earlier this week. He also pointed to the defense.

“He played one of the most sensational games I’ve ever seen,” Staubach said, via the Dallas Morning News. “It makes no sense. Those people who blame him, I don’t know, they ought to take a look at their lives.

“I’ve been a quarterback and I know this guy is playing great football. Seeing critics blame these tough losses, especially this game, on him sends a message to me that some people will never cut him a break. I can’t believe it.

“I mean, there were 48 points created by the offense against a good team. The defense gave up 51 points. It makes no sense. This was one of the greatest performances by a quarterback in Cowboys history.”

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