Oct 6, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Denver Broncos head coach John Fox talks with Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) in the fourth quarter of the game against the Dallas Cowboys at AT

Peyton Manning calls Jaguars a good team

Peyton Manning did the unthinkable. If you thought that was when he threw seven touchdown passes in a single game, then think again. Manning stood in front of reporters and called the 0-5 Jacksonville Jaguars “a good NFL football team”.

“We’re playing a good NFL football team. I don’t look at anything besides what I see on the tape on defense, and I see a team that’s stingy in the red zone, I see some offenses that have made some really good plays against them, that have been hard to defend. Certainly, you know, it’s a team with a lot of pride.”

Not only have the Jaguars lost their first five games to begin the season, but they have lost each one by double digits, and the Denver Broncos are 28 point favorites for the Week 6 match-up.

Manning then went on to be typical Manning, critiquing himself and holding his teams as accountable as anyone in the league.

“We have a lot of things we’ve got to improve on. A lot of mistakes that we made in that game in Dallas. Certainly some good things that we’re building on but there are still plenty of mistakes, things we can correct. It’s actually not hard in my opinion to watch the tape and be pleased with some of the things that we’ve been doing but be motivated to correct some of the mistakes.”

You may ask what the mistakes were the Broncos made in the Dallas game, particularly on offense. The defense may have let up 48 points, but the high-powered offense simply put up 51 to counteract. Peyton Manning did manage to throw his first interception, but not until he threw his 20th touchdown.

Moral of the story? Peyton Manning has been in front of a camera so much throughout his career that he no longer recognizes when he is lying.

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