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Redskins lawyer believes Snyder should never have said 'Never'


Like it or not, the Washington Redskins will never change their name. At least that is the corner owner Dan Snyder has backed himself into.

However, it looks like some are still trying to get Snyder to take a few steps away from the wall.

Today, according to Pro Football Talk, Redskins attorney Lanny Davis admitted that he believed that Snyder’s comments regarding the name were to strong, and that Snyder will never use the word “NEVER” in all caps again.

According to Davis, per 106.7 the Fan:

There are parts of Dan Snyder that I find extremely likeable, I think he’s a good guy — wish he would let people know that — but saying all caps isn’t the side of Dan Snyder that I want him to project.

In summary, Davis doesn’t want Snyder to come off as a completer jerk all the time.

Davis also added:

I let my opinions be known. Dan brought me in, and I don’t always tell him what he wants to hear sometimes, and I think that’s why he wants me around, because I get him irritated by telling him what he doesn’t want to hear, but I’m a friend and I’m allowed to do that.

[T]he answer is no, I don’t think saying ‘all caps, never’ is the right tone. I think saying ‘We care about people’s feelings, we’re respectful when anyone is offended, but we have this 80-year name that we love.  We sing ‘Hail to the Redskins’ every Sunday at the stadium, and we say we’re part of ‘Redskins Nation.’  That’s our vocabulary.  Those are terms of honor.’  And that’s what he should have said, but he, I don’t think is going to say ‘all caps, never’ again.

While is probably just PR spin on Davis’ part, Snyder should have listened to his Davis’ advice and “NEVER” said he was never going to change the Redskins. By doing so, Snyder comes of as both pompous and ignorant to a growing number of people, including fans, who believe that the Redskins name is racially insensitive. Even commissioner Roger Goodell, while basically saying the NFL would never force Snyder to change the name, still left some wiggle room regarding listening to feedback from fans.

Snyder should have listened to his advisor and focussed of the positives of the name, and not completely ignore the controversial connotations. By doing so, Snyder came off as being as racially insensitive as the name itself.

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