Roger Staubach can't understand why Tony Romo receives criticism

The Dallas Cowboys greatest former quarterbacks have always publicly supported current quarterback Tony Romo. Roger Staubach, in particular, has been one of Tony Romo’s strongest supporters.

Following the loss to the Denver Broncos, Romo has been the subject of a lot if ire. He threw for 506 yards and 5 touchdowns, but that one interception that cost them the game has been what everyone points to as ‘typical Romo.’

Staubach doesn’t understand it.

“He played one of the most sensational games I’ve ever seen,” Staubach said, via the Dallas Morning News. “It makes no sense. Those people who blame him, I don’t know, they ought to take a look at their lives.

“I’ve been a quarterback and I know this guy is playing great football. Seeing critics blame these tough losses, especially this game, on him sends a message to me that some people will never cut him a break. I can’t believe it.

“I mean, there were 48 points created by the offense against a good team. The defense gave up 51 points. It makes no sense. This was one of the greatest performances by a quarterback in Cowboys history.”

In case you were curious, it is not just the gaudy numbers that has formed Staubach’s opinion.

“I’ve watched him play and know what he does out there,” Staubach said. “As a former quarterback, I can tell you we’re lucky to have him. He’s an outstanding NFL quarterback.

“It’s not just the statistics. His instincts are really good.”

Staubach hasn’t had any success convincing anyone though.

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  • JTracker

    Mr Staubach I’ll tell you why Tony Romo is hated by so many football fans. Its because he wears a star on his uniform and play’s for AMERICA’S TEAM.
    The good news is that some fans believe Romo is a gr8 quarterback and we haven’t seen his best play yet.
    Romo I am your #1 fan keep playing the way you’re playing and when you lift the Lombardi Trophy above your head I will be the first to tell people, I told you so!

  • Old Frog

    Romo was of fire. The best game of his life. To use a golf analogy, it was like he was 8 under par for the day and tied for the lead heading to the 18th tee – a long par 5 with a lake in front of the green. Seeing how well he’d played all day, and knowing he was having the best round of his entire life, he decided to go for the green with a long 3 wood on his second shot rather than play it safe and lay it up in front of the lake for an easy par and a sudden death playoff, or a possible birdy and a tournament win. Instead, he knocked it into the lake and ended up with a triple bogey and finished second. He still had an amazing round but all anyone remembers is the one he put into the lake that cost him the win. Peyton Manning probably would have laid it up to Demarco Murray instead.