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Dog is obsessed with NFL, goes crazy when football is on TV (Video)

Meet George. He’s just your normal, every day Golden Retriever (I believe) who enjoys traditional dog things like chasing after balls, running after cars, eating snacks and chewing on bones.

Oh, and he just so happens to love NFL football, as can be seen in the video below.

The pup, who is seemingly minding his own business goes absolutely nuts when his owner (I assume) informs him that ‘football is on’, rushing to the television where he’s greeted by the New York Jets and Atlanta Falcons, who participated in the most recent Monday Night Football game.

When George isn’t jumping up and down attempting to (I’m assuming) snap at the players as they move around on television, he sits patiently, watching the action unfold for minutes on end. Seriously, the hyper retriever spends nearly four minutes either hopping around or sitting, watching the game take place.

He seemed to have a little more enthusiasm in regards to the Falcons, so maybe he’s a touch bitter over the whole preseason Mark Sanchez fiasco.

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