Aug 9, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (28) looks on from the sidelines during the third quarter against the Houston Texans at the Metrodome. The Texans won 27-13. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

TMZ: Adrian Peterson's son in critical condition after severe beating; Conflicting reports

UPDATE: Recent reports from the City Pages indicate that the child harmed was not Peterson’s son. Regardless of who’s child was harmed, it is a horrendous situation that no parent should ever have to deal with.

Pro Football Talk has also provided an update that backs up TMZ’s original report:

Peterson’s father confirmed the child belonged to Adrian:

Our original story is posted below.


Earlier today, we passed along reports that Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson was dealing with a “tragic” family issue. He has been in Souix Falls, South Dakota and missed the team’s Thursday practice, and now the reason for his absence is becoming more clear.

There were rumors late last night that the situation could have been linked to charges that were filed against a 27-year-old man for beating a toddler and putting the child in critical condition, and TMZ is reporting that the toddler in question is Peterson’s son.

From the report:

Officials tell us they’ve arrested the suspect, 27-year-old Joseph Patterson … who’s been charged with aggravated felony assault and battery of an infant.

According to law enforcement, emergency responders arrived to the apartment where Peterson’s son was living at 5:46 PM on Wednesday … and found the child unresponsive.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital and medical experts determined the injuries were consistent with abuse.

Law enforcement sources tell us … the child suffered severe head injuries.

This is obviously a very tragic situation and nothing that any parent would ever want to have to deal with.

There are no additional details, but it is a fluid situation and we will keep you updated as more information is released. For now, Peterson’s status for Sunday’s game is the last thing on his mind and it should be.


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  • Imshaken

    One of a parent’s worst nightmares, no child deserves this. Hopefully the child can make a complete recovery,

    May the SOB who did it spend 50 years in prison being the cellmate of a sadistic large powerful sexual deviant.

    • Aaron Somers

      50 years might not be long enough.

  • Modesto Koczwara

    With this news, I expect AP to go off Sunday! This is when moments usually happen, guys!

    • Daniel Mobley

      I really don’t like to diss people for being dumb but this person ^^^^^ might be the biggest moron alive if you actually think AP would even entertain the idea of playing with his child fighting death in the hospital. This is when dumbass people think moments happen guys……

  • 602me

    Adrian isn’t going to play Sunday, this is his kid, in critical condition – that means the child may die, he isn’t playing and to even think there’s a chance is ridiculous. This is indeed his kid, who else jumps on a plane to south dakota at the drop of a hat if it isn’t their kid? exactly.

  • Anthony Shay Johnston

    sorry, but i would beat the f*ck out of this person…regardless who’s son it was or not

  • Brett Summers

    His punishment should be that they give his address to Adrian Peterson, and give Adrian one free full pardon to use in the next month. Thoughts are with his family, and zero respect is given to the assailant.