Sep 29, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs fan David Willemssen watches the team warm up before the game with the New York Giants at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City attempting to pass Seattle's raucous crowd record

Watch out Seattle fans, Kansas City Chiefs fans are coming for your record.

According to a report from the Associated Press, via the USA Today, Chiefs fans will be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for loudest crowd roar Seahawks fans were able to set in their team’s 29-3 victory over the San Francisco 49ers back on September 15th.

Seattle set the record with a noise burst of 136.6 decibels, breaking the previous record of 131.76 that was set at a soccer match in Turkey back in 2011.

Now, Kansas City will get their crack at it on Sunday against the Oakland Raiders.

A Guinness World Records adjudicator will be on hand – paid for by the team at a cost of $7,500 – and even Chiefs players are feeling sorry for the noise the Raiders will have to deal with.

“It’s tough to imagine that, man,” Chiefs safety Eric Berry said. “Just the games I’ve been a part of it, it’s already hard to get our calls. I can be standing right next to (cornerback Brandon) Flowers trying to get a call to him and he can’t hear me. I’m screaming at the top of my lungs. So imagining it getting even louder is unimaginable.”

If the attempt is anything like the one Seattle did last month, here is what Chiefs fans can expect:

“Fans will be directed by the stadium’s big screens when an attempt is about to begin, fans will have – at the most – three attempts to break the record, Guinness will have an official ‘adjudicator’ dressed in an official Guinness World Records suit on the sidelines with a Guinness-approved sound meter, and fans should know immediately whether they have broken the record.”

There will be about 10,000 more Chiefs fans than were Seahawks fans at Arrowhead on Sunday.  Good luck?

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  • d-block

    3 attempts at most? That seems unusual.

    • skeletony

      That is what the Seahawks had as well though.

  • Chris Schroeder

    It’s funny how they’re testing this against the first real opponent they will have faced this season. Be afraid K.C. Be very afraid.

    • DTVTechGuy

      And your misinformed… Raiders the first real opponent… Titans and Cowboys both have better teams than the Raiders… Troll elsewhere!

      • Chris Schroeder

        Oh do you mean the Cowboys with their quarterback Tony Romo that his actual NFL nickname is “choke”. I can’t even believe you mentioned the Titans. The Chiefs almost got beat by their back up quarterback in a game that was clearly dictated by bad officiating. Wow! You’re a real comedian. Hope this doesn’t burn a hole in your minuscule brain, but the Chargers beat the Cowboys by nine points and the Raiders beat the Chargers by 10 points. I hope that’s not too much of a mathematical equation for you to figure out. So, before you flap your jaw at someone’s post you should probably think about what you’re saying before they make you look like an idiot.

        • DTVTechGuy

          I’ve got a super good idea for you. Maybe instead of devoting emotion and energy into a nameless person on the Internet who happens to disagree with you, maybe you should instead devote that same emotional energy into something more tangible… And you didn’t make me look like an idiot, you only succeeded in making yourself look juvenile and hotheaded and unable to hold a conversation with the adults in the room.

          I disagree with you and you become insulting.

          Try again Junior and maybe this year you can eat at the Grown-Up table on Thanksgiving.

          Now, onto your ” wisdom “… The Titans have an extremely stout defense. Tied for league best in Turnovers before the game, hadn’t had a give-a-way until that game, and it was Fitzpatrick, not Locker who committed the turnovers. Secondly, the Cowboys scored 48 points against the Broncos… How’d the Raiders do? Oh yeah… Not even In the game, at any point. One game to another means nothing in the NFL… You want to compare two different games in the NFL to get some form of gauge about a team? Beyond dumb and uneducated, just look at the Packers against the Chiefs when the Chiefs stopped them cold and they were undefeated a couple years back.

          So I will say this and I promise you, not only will I not read any response or respond again to your juvenile drivel or weak attempts at insults…. But the only person here who came out looking stupid was at the opposite end of this conversation.

          I hope one day, for your sake, you get to join in with the rest if the ” big boys ” at the dinner table so that you will know what it is like to have an opinion actually heard and even respected by adults.

          Until then, enjoy the little table, the small portions, and the silence the rest of the Adults expect from someone with such a ” minscule ” grasp on the finer points of being able to not only hold a conversation, but to be able to disagree without trying to show someone how big or small you happen to be.

          • DTVTechGuy

            Oh…. I forgot… I may need to communicate at your level for comprehension…

            Your a tiny man without anything important or wonderful in life.

            Sorry it wasn’t as juvenile as insulting your intelligence or some other mindless insult but I just can’t think to that level. So pointing out the obvious was my best option.

            Have a wonderful evening Chris… I hope you believe me when I tell you… I won’t read your response because I know your going to type one out…

          • skeletony

            ‘You’re a tiny man…’. Not “your a tiny man…”. Sorry I just get OCD about spelling and grammar at times.

          • skeletony

            Not getting into the insult-battle between you two but just pointing out he DID say that it was the Titans back-up QB (Fitzpatrick), not Locker.

  • skeletony

    Fuck the rest of the NFL just HATES Seattle. Shaun Alexander breaks the record for TDs in a season and if it had been any other RB on any other team, that record would have stood for several seasons at minimum. But because it was Seattle the Charges all but sacrificed their season and put every effort they had into breaking that record with Tomlinson the next season.
    Now K.C. cannot stand that Seattle has the loudest stadium in all of sports so they are making a futile bid to change that. Good luck with that (You will need 137 decibels which won’t happen, especially if the Raiders manage to jump out to an early lead).

    • Heilios

      KC had the record long before Seattle did buddy. I don’t see what the problem is with them wanting to reclaim their record. It would seem that you have a mentality that everyone has it out for the Seahawks. I don’t personally care for them but they are a good team and a good fanbase. Just another good team and fanbase trying to take back what was theirs. It has a good chance that we are going to break the record, then your team has every right and opportunity to try to break the record again. Don’t get your tit twisted, it’s football brother. GO CHIEFS!

      • skeletony

        Had written a more robust reply here but unfortunately Windows 8′s suckiness did a forced reboot while I was typing the last sentence, erasing the whole thing.

        Long story short; I am not at all mad at K.C. for trying to break the record and know full well they once had the record and remain one of the loudest places in the NFL. What I was humorously pointing out above was just how quickly after Seattle breaks a record that some other team goes out of their way to rush to re-break the record whereas if the record is broken by almost any other team it will usually stand for a while. If next season Percy Harvin breaks one of Jerry Rice’s major records then teams will be lining up immediately to do everything they possibly can to get their primary WR the ball to re-break the record.

        K.C. was not even thinking about the record until Seattle broke it this year in week 2.

        • Heilios

          Hey I’m just happy my Chiefs are 6-0 and now own the loudest outdoor stadium record. Lets go Chiefs!!

          • skeletony

            Congratulations. 137.5 dec. is shockingly loud. *Sigh* We’ll get it back though, you do realize? ;)

          • Heilios

            I welcome the challenge to it

    • Matt Dickson

      Wrong on BOTH count Skeletony. LOL.

      BTW- Arrowhead has had the reputation of being the NFLs loudest stadium since the early 90s. Seattle was never even in the conversation until a couple years ago, so all KC did was cement their rightful place.

      Better luck next time.

      • skeletony

        You can be excused to some extent for being late to the conversation and not grasping everything that was said. So rather than take jabs at you for your shortcomings here, I will instead just repeat what I already said.

        AGAIN, as I said before K.C. did indeed have the reputation as well as the actual statistics since AT LEAST the 1990s for loudest NFL venue. You seem to agree with me on this so this can’t be something I am “wrong” about in your eyes.

        My above point was only talking about, in a very humorous/not serious manner, was that Seattle has gotten a few records over the last decade and every time they do, we see an angry reaction from the rest of the NFL to the effect of “WHAT?! They are an arena league team! Seattle is not even part of the actual U.S.A.! They are just a territory like Guam or Samoa!” followed almost immediately by one team or another making a concerted effort to take the record.
        Which is fine in some ways but the unmistakable impression is that these records stand for many years without anyone caring much about them when other teams have them. But the very second Seattle takes one of these records it is like some injustice was done to the NFL by some foreign entity. Again, these are humorous observations so don’t imagine I am sitting here making serious analyses from pent up anger or some such nonsense.

        Clear now?