Jaguars at Broncos final score: Denver pulls away from Jacksonville late

When you look at the final score, it looks like today’s game between the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars and undefeated Denver Broncos went exactly as expected. However, the Jaguars actually played a tough game and completed what you could call a moral victory.

Entering halftime, the Jaguars took an interception to the house to pull within two points, but Peyton Manning stayed composed and helped the Broncos pull away late on their way to the 35-19 final score.

Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne finished the game with more passing yards than Manning, but it wasn’t enough as Knowshon Moreno put together a three touchdown game to be the big difference maker for the Broncos.

You have to applaud the Jaguars for not going into the game and just laying down, but in the end it was the team that we expected to win big who was able to come away in the win column.

The Jaguars may have lost yet again, but a 300+ yard performance from Henne and a 14 catch, 190 yard game from Justin Blackmon is something to be proud of.

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