Steelers use double pass trick play (GIF)

The Pittsburgh Steelers must have been watching the Missouri Tigers upset over the Georgia Bulldogs yesterday. In Saturday’s game, Missouri called a double pass that ended up being a 40-yard touchdown pass from running back Bud Sasser to L’Damian Washington.

The Steelers called a similar double-pass play but this one had more of a reverse element. Antonio Brown got the ball and started running back towards the middle of the field before throwing a 15-yard pass to running back Felix Jones. It was an interesting call, they could’ve save the play for a better situation like the Tigers did yesterday.

It was first and ten from the New York Jets 33-yard line, they were within striking distance and were possibly thinking touchdown. I like the creative play calling, I just question using it so early in the game.

The Steelers weren’t able to do much after that. They ran for three yards on the next play, ran for no yards the next play and threw an incomplete place before settling for a field goal.

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