Timothy Bradley vs Juan Manuel Marquez results

Tonight’s match up picked up a lot of hype in the boxing world.

We all know these two guys have defeated Manny Pacquiao so this match up in a way is tie-breaker.

The first round of this match we seen both men looking to find an opening on their opponent. Marquez is a wonderful counter puncher. Marquez has been taking his time, stepping back as Bradley shoots forward looking to open up the jab.

Bradley unloads a right hand but Marquez follows up with a left hand. Both men are moved around the ring beautifully. Near the end of the second round, both men exchange a flurry of punches which results in Bradley connecting with a solid right hand as the bell sounds.

The crowd stands to their feet as both men walk to the corners and prepare themselves for the third round. This fight is already living up to it’s hype.

Bradley has been looking great, no signs of problems from his previous fight back in March. He’s mixing up his style from a boxer and brawler, Marquez hasn’t been able to expect what he’s throwing next early on.

Early on Marquez wasn’t able to set up some combinations so he was only able to rely on one punch at a time.

Marquez was able to get in a couple counter punches in the third round, but nothing big landed cleanly.

The crowd begins to chant Marquez’s last name as he gets caught with a jab and throws a wild left hand.

Time has been called in the middle of the third as the referee asks for Marquez to wipe the grease off body. The 40 year old Mexican fighter hasn’t shown that quickness we’re used to seeing from him. The younger Bradley has been able to avoid shots that Marquez has thrown until he lands a clean left hook to the head of Bradley that shakes him.

Marquez steps into Bradley and unloads three punches to the body.

Juan Manuel has struggled to land punches early on. He walked to his corner with his shoulders down looking frustrated as Bradley looks confident that he’s ahead of the scorecard after four rounds.

He’s been sharper and creative than Marquez through the first four rounds of this fight. He’s showing a lot of patience, not allowing Marquez to put his combinations together and finding small openings.

Marquez steps into Bradley but gets caught with a hard left hook that causes him to take a step back. Bradley has landed this right hand cleanly three times in the fifth round. Marquez hasn’t been showing a lot of head movement as Bradley is showing he’s obviously the younger fighter in the ring.

Both men showboat near the end of the fifth round as they stick their chins out and exchange a couple shots before the fifth round ends. The crowd gets to their feet and the confident Bradley raises his hand as he walks towards his corner.

Everything that Marquez has brought to him so far, he’s had a solid answer for him that throws him off his game causing him to get even more frustrated.

The chants of ‘Mexico’ are heard echoing through the arena as Marquez chases Bradley along the ropes and lands a single punch.

As the sixth round comes to an end, Bradley walks back to his corner with his arms raised. He looks completely comfortable in this fight. Nothing too excited for this crowd to be excited about as half of the crowd is there for Marquez.

Marquez continued to look for an opening but failed to do so. He landed a few clean punches but missed on the others he’s thrown. Bradley’s using that speed to land quick jabs which has been followed by a straight right that has connected near the end of the seventh round.

Bradley looks as if this fight is way too easy going into the seventh round of this fight. No idea who this fighter is wearing Marquez’s trunks.

Bradley lands a crazy right hand that shakes Marquez who never gets unloaded on until he’s able to separate himself and get himself together! The crowd loses it’s mind for a couple seconds as both warriors square each other up again looking for that opening they could capitalize on.

The 40 year old veteran walks towards his corner looking completely winded as the younger challenger seems alright. Replay shows the right hand that almost knocked him down to the canvas and it connected squarely on the side of his head.

Bradley has tamed Marquez through 10 rounds going into the 11th.

Marquez ended the 11th round looking as if he was possibly in the drivers seat, but only has one round to find a knock out or he may end up losing this fight. The game plan that Marquez had coming into this fight hasn’t worked at all. Bradley has been the smoother and smarter fighter, as Marquez has been throwing wild punches, taking chances while leaving himself open.

Marquez lands a hard right hand that catches Bradley in the corner. Bradley walks out of the corner as Marquez backs up, arms to the sides of Timothy Bradley. He’s staring at him as if to say, ‘That didn’t hurt me one bit old man’.

The veteran Mexican fighter has to know that he’s comfortably winning this final round. Within the last 10 seconds of the fight, both men begin to throw heavy shots that ends with Bradley landing a solid left hand that causes Marquez to stagger as the bell sounds.

That was nearly the first knock down of the entire fight.

My scorecard for this fight has been 116-113 Bradley.

This fight goes the distance as the judges will reveal their scorecards. The ones that actually matter.


One judge had the scorecard as 116-113 for Marquez, the rest were in favor for Bradley.

It’ll be interesting to know what both fighters will be up too next.

Timothy Bradley moves to 31-0 in his career.

Juan Manuel Marquez goes to 55-7.

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