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Denver Broncos 6-0 but leaking oil on defense

When can you be 6-0 and not favored to represent your conference in the Super Bowl?

When you’re the Denver Broncos.

The Jacksonville Jaguars went to Denver as the biggest underdogs in NFL history but easily covered the 28-point spread, losing 35-19. That’s because the Broncos’ defense has more holes than a spaghetti strainer.

The Jaguars can’t run the ball, their most productive receiver was hurt and their quarterback gets around more than Lindsay Lohan. Yet still, the Jags managed to score on the ground, in the air and on defense against the heavily-favored Broncos. And it’s not the first time. Dallas ripped the Orange Slush for 48 points and more then 500 yards passing last week. And of course, we all remember the playoff loss to the Ravens last season when Joe Flacco looked more like Joe Montana.

“Sometimes, you score a lot of points and people take it for granted,” quarterback Peyton Manning said after the game. “Even people in your own building can take it for granted. It’s not easy to win football games. I learned a long time ago, don’t take winning for granted.”

The Broncos may not be a paper tiger on offense but if their defense continues to leak oil like a ’78 Pinto then teams like Kansas City, New England and Indianapolis will jump on them like a hobo on a hoagie. An early indication could come next week when the Broncos face the Colts in a key AFC showdown.


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  • tremble75

    Brian, while I agree that the Broncos’ defense has been a joke this season, they did only allow 13 points on the day. Though you claimed that the Jags scored through the air, in reality it just felt that way because Blackmon was the latest in a in a six week period to shred the Denver secondary. The Broncos have had their issues this season but have been playing without the services of pro bowlers Bailey (until week 6) and Miller. This week they also were without Woodyard (playing at a pro bowl level imo) and Ayers.

    I am not making excuses as the Broncos flat out stunk up the field vs. the worst team in football this week, but it might be a bit early to say that they are not favored to represent the AFC in February (at least until Vegas changes the odds).

  • Dan Sanger

    Come on, man. That’s a ridiculous assertion. While it’s obvious that the Broncos didn’t come out ready to play

  • Froderick_Frankenstein

    Not a mention of the injuries, suspensions etc. With Von Miller’s 6-game suspension, Champ Bailey’s 5-game hiatus, this week missing their captain Woodyard and also Ayers – it’s tantamount to playing with one hand tied behind your back. Was this personal, Brian?

    Indy without a doubt will be their biggest challenge to date – but I wouldn’t quite count them out yet. It wouldn’t surprise me, however, if they are scrambling to get into the playoffs as a wildcard – the donkees are bound to lose one or two games due to continuing injuries (they’ve lost BOTH of their starting offensive tackles now) – and the Chiefs schedule is so easy it looks like they almost have a lock on the AFC West. Can the donkees win a playoff game in Arrowhead in the middle of winter? I have my doubts.

  • LTGray

    You’re blaming the defense for this game? They allowed one TD (the Jags didn’t score on the ground, unless Posluszny gets credit for that, too), and if it weren’t for two turnovers by Peyton in Jacksonville territory–a pick-six at the 40 and a fumble inside the 10–the Broncos would have won by five touchdowns. They didn’t play well Sunday, but I’d wait until after the real test in the Colts game to pass further judgment.