49ers' WR Anquan Boldin takes swipe at NFL safety claims



Lately, the NFL has been putting some much-needed added emphasis on the safety of its players. Given lawsuits from former players that have cited the rigors of the game for some serious health issues later on in their lives, it definitely seems like a subject that you would want to put under a microscope.

But, San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Anquan Boldin might not be buying their sincerity on the matter one bit.

Boldin took part in an online chat on Monday out in the Bay Area, and he had some words on the matter of safety and the importance that the league is putting on it.

“I think the league is covering their butt to be honest with you.”

He was then asked whether or not he had seen the latest PBS documentary, ‘League of Denial,’ which highlighted the concussion issue in the league. He admitted that he had not seen it, but he did have this to say:

“But there are some things that just don’t make sense to me. I mean if you’re so concerned about player safety then why do you have every team in the league playing on Thursday night when they just competed on a Sunday, knowing how difficult it is for guys to get back to being healthy after playing on Sunday? Guys really don’t feel like they’re back till probably Thursday or Friday to prepare for that next week.”

The San Fran wideout would go on to finish by just flat out saying that he’s not buying it all:

“The league can say they’re doing things to protect guys, but I’m not one of the guys buying it.”

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