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Chris Ivory: Jets ‘have to run the ball’


After loosing running back Mike Goodson to a season ending knee injury, the idea of the New York Jets running the football more might not seem like the greatest idea.

But don’t tell that to Jets’ backup running back Chris Ivory.

According to Ivory, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News:

I would like to see us run the ball more. I really feel like when you can run the ball, that opens up everything else. It would take a little [pressure] off Geno [Smith]. . . .

Going [forward], we have to run the ball. I feel like it’s a must.

While running the football (effectively) would probably help out rookie quarterback Geno Smith, I am somewhat doubtful Ivory has the Smith’s or the team’s best interests at heart. Keep in mind that Ivory has only 34 carries this year after being traded from the New Orleans Saints, where he was one of four options at running back. With Goodson out, running the ball more translates to Ivory running the ball more.

Also, running the ball is contradictory to what offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg’s philosophy, which puts more emphasis on the pass, something Ivory also commented on:

We run the ball. I just don’t feel like it’s consistent, . . . Rex [Ryan] wants to run the ball, but I guess as the O.C. you see something different out there.

I think he’s just a passing guy. The offense he runs is built for passing.

Indeed, the Jets have a 53-47 pass-run split through the first six games this season, but to Ivory’s point, they have a 51-49 run-pass breakdown in their three wins.

Ultimately, I don’t know that running a few more times a game is going to help the Jets win more games, but it would certainly help Ivory see more snaps.

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