Philip Rivers calls out ESPN for Monday Night Football promos

ESPN has a habit of picking their favorites and making sure that they are at the center of every promotion for an upcoming game. To build their Indianapolis Colts vs. Denver Broncos narrative for First Take throughout the week, they were likely hoping that their pro-Colts coverage would help drum up interest in the game.

As it turns out, it may have served as motivation for the San Diego Chargers and quarterback Philip Rivers as they noticed the lack of attention they were receiving from the Worldwide Leader.

After the Chargers win over Indy, Philip Rivers was speaking to sideline reporter Lisa Salters when he decided to take a shot at ESPN and the way that they promoted the game.

Here was Rivers’ comment when speaking with Lisa Salters, via Bolt Beat:

“I didn’t know who the Colts were playing with all those commercials.”

Pretty funny stuff from the Bolts signal-caller.

If Rivers thinks that was bad, he should feel lucky that he no longer has to face the Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow twice a year. The pro-Colts coverage was definitely noticeable, but it wasn’t nearly as nauseating as some of the promos that ESPN has cut in the past.

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  • Bill Nichols

    Call em like you see em do you Philip….. I saw the same thing, and screw the talking heads. You are the man, and can not wait to see to dissect the Donks, and the Chiefs. Pags, keep calling those blitzes, and mix it up, we need that same D the rest of the year. Great draft picks Telesco, they are all contributing at a high level. Let’s go on a 14 (is that how many we would have to have to win out including playoffs n Super Bowl?) game tear baby…. Bolt the heck Up!!