Aaron Rodgers admits rules make it hard for tacklers


During and after Green Bay’s 19-17 victory over the Baltimore Ravens, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers criticized Ravens safety Matt Elam for tackling receiver Randall Cobb’s knee with his shoulder. Now, according to Pro Football Talk, Rodgers has backed down from some of his criticism.

Rodgers told ESPNWisconsin.com that “Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, that’s what’s great about the first amendment, the United States of America and the Constitution.”

He then moved on to describe a conversation he had with Ravens safety  James Ihedigbo, per Pro Football Talk:

Again, I thought the conversation I had with James was a very interesting one because I may have not understood how much they think about the rules and how difficult it is for them to find that target area. And I respected what he said. I didn’t have to agree with it, but I still think you can respect opinion even if you don’t agree with it.

It seems like a political answer form the Packers quarterback, but a truthful one. Rodgers can be both upset about a hit put on his teammate during the heat of a game, and yet still acknowledge that is has become difficult to hit someone properly when you have to think about how and where while still making the tackle.

However, Rodgers did not back down from his belief that Elam could have tackled Cobb in the midsection and potentially avoided an injury:

We’re professional athletes, we have great body control, that’s why we’re in the NFL. And I thought there was ample time to find a proper target area.

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