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Milwaukee Brewers' Miller Park receives new fielding surface

While the weather outside turns cold and chilly in Milwaukee, the playing surface at Miller Park – home of the Brewers – will receive a major facelift, as the entire fielding surface is replaced as part of a week-long project taking place this week.

“The process allows us to bring in some younger, newer turf and remove some old contamination,” Miller Park Director of Grounds Justin Scott said. ”We can fix some issues and improve some things with irrigation. It is just an industry standard procedure that all MLB teams do.”

The Brewers released the following information in a statement updating fans on the project:

The Brewers played their last home game on Sunday, September 22 and their last regular season game on Sunday, September 29.  On Monday, September 30, the Miller Park grounds crew was very busy tearing up the field to make room for a new playing surface.  Today (Tuesday) was the first day the grounds crew began to install the new playing surface after a week of preparation.

Over 105,000 square feet of sod was brought in from Graff’s Turf Farm in Fort Morgan, Colorado.  It comes to Miller Park on rolls that are 2,200 pounds and are four feet wide and 35 feet long.  The sod is fully mature and about 1 1/2 inches thick.

Scott said he hopes the project of laying the new sod is complete by the end of the day today. Regular field maintenance will continue into November. The last time Miller Park received a new fielding surface was 2008.

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