RG3 is 'not letting anybody else tell me how to play this game'


After last week’s loss against the Dallas Cowboys, it doesn’t seem like it matters how Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III plays his game. The result has been the same all year.

According to Pro Football Talk, via an interview with the Redskins Radio Network, Griffin believes he needs to be instinctual at times:

Yeah, you know, I’m just really focusing on being the playmaker that I know I can be and not letting anybody else tell me how to play this game. You know, I got here for a reason, and I’ve got to make sure I use all of my abilities to their maximum. And running the ball is one of those, when I do get the opportunity.

It’s not that I’m looking for it, but if it is there, I will take it.

Earlier this season, it look like Griffin was tentative running with the ball. It also appeared that the use of the read option was scaled back in the Redskins’ offense. Both make sense considering Griffin is coming off a knee injury he sustained late last season, as well as some offseason controversy regarding how Griffin was used in the offense.

Last week against Dallas, however, the second-year quarterback ran well, rushing nine times for 77 yards. It was his his passing that left much to be desired, only completing 48.7-percent of his passes for no touchdowns and a pick.

Now, the Redskins are 1-5. While Griffin might not want to be told how to play the game, he is certainly not playing like the superstar we saw last year. Redskins’ fans have to hope this is just a sophomore slump, and that Griffin figures out a way to play out of it soon.

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