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With injuries, Packers may not have 46 players active Sunday


Of the 53 players on an NFL roster, a maximum of 46 are allowed to be active for game-day. Unfortunately for the Packers, when Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Browns comes along, they might not have 46 players healthy enough to play.

According to Pro Football Talk, the recent flurry of injuries have put the Packers in a tight spot when it comes to deciding their game-day roster. Seven players were held out of practice for the Packers yesterday. Green Bay already has four players in tight end Ryan Taylor, running back James Starks, and linebackers Clay Matthews and Nick Perry likely to be inactive with long-term injuries.

The Packers also have question marks regarding cornerback Casey Hayward, wide receiver James Jones, and linebackers Brad Jones and Mike Neal, making more than seven potential inactive players.

However, head coach Mike McCarthy is telling his team to “keep calm,” per Pro Football Talk:

Our theme is keep calm and carry on. You historians probably appreciate that. In 1939 [it was] issued by the British government right before World War II in anticipation of the bombing of the major cities. So, that’s what we’re talking about.

While I’m not sure McCarthy should be comparing his injuries the the German’s bombing of England during the Battle of Britain, he will certainly have his work cut out for him when it comes to rallying the troops this Sunday.

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