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Manning won't say there is no resentment towards Colts

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After a week of listening to what Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay had to say about Peyton Manning, Manning himself finally had something to say. And it wasn’t much.

When meeting with reporters yesterdays, Manning had nothing to say about Irsay’s comments.

But sometimes silence speaks louder than words.

According to Pro Football Talk, Manning met privately with Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star. In the interview, Kravitz asked Manning “Do you bear any ill will or resentment toward the Colts?”

Manning reportedly paused for a moment, looked at the floor, and then shook his head.

He then said the following, via Kravitz:

To answer a question like that doesn’t serve me well. I feel like the question is based on the [Irsay] comments, so it’s just easier not to answer anything along those lines.

While he doesn’t admit to it specifically, he doesn’t deny. And wouldn’t Manning straight up deny it if he truly didn’t resent the Indianapolis Colts.

Unlike What seems like everyone else ever involved in the Colts organization, Manning will not comment on the remarks made over the last week by Jim Irsay. But he also won’t deny feeling resentment towards the Colts organization. Wether this ill will comes from being released last season in favor of Andrew Luck, or from Irsay’s resent run of comments remains to be seen, but I’m sure Manning’s play will do the talking Sunday night.

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