Tyrann Mathieu chases wild javelinas with a baseball bat

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Tyrann Mathieu, the man formerly known as “The Honey Badger,” has been staying out of trouble and has been living in the mountains outside of Phoenix. During his time in the mountains, Mathieu has had some interaction with a few wild boars that are known as “javelinas.”

When the wild boars come face-to-face with The Honey Badger, we know who wins.

“I only seen one this time, but there have been a few occasions when I’ve seen a whole gang of them,” Mathieu said, via Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic. “I live right there on the mountain, and they come down at night.”

When they come to spook The Honey Badger, Mathieu pulls out his trusty slugger and shows off his old skills from his days on the diamond.

Get a baseball bat,” Mathieu said. “Run ’em off. They won’t turn on me. I’ve got the baseball bat. I used to play baseball, man.”

The image of Mathieu chasing a pig with a baseball bat is pretty entertaining in it’s own right, so we can only hope that one day he documents his javelina chases on film. If not, we will just have to leave the hilarious picture in our heads and hope that it is as great as it seems.

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